Handwriting and Ink Analysis
ALTI works with its long experience, acquired by handling many cases, on examining many types of questioned documents such as bank cheques, contracts, letters, receipts, credit cards, etc. to establish if any manipulation has been done. In these cases several tools are available such as: manual handwriting comparisons, analysis of typewriter or photocopiers prints, and examinations of credit cards fraud.
The expert uses his long experience and state of the art instrumentation along with forensic photography to establish solid evidence that the analyzed document has been manipulated or is totally forged.  

Arab Lab for Technical Inspection offers the following services for its clients:

•  Analysis of many different types of documents to detect fraud and manipulation
•  Examination of handwritings and signatures
•  Credit cards and banknotes fraud
•  Ink dating

In addition ALTI offers full consultancy with regards to all questioned documents to clients either by hotline service or onsite examination.


Trademark fraud or manipulation is becoming a series problem for the international economy resulting in huge loses of money and interests. A trademark is any word, name, symbol, color or sound that is adopted and used by a company to identify its goods and distinguish them from those manufactured or sold by others. Service mark is the same as a trademark but identifies a service and not a product.

Arab Lab services for trademark and copy rights cases include but not limited to:

•  Examination of piracy of the trademark or part of it
•  Examination of counterfeit trademarks
•  Evaluation of rights of trademark use
•  Trademark Infringement
•  Intellectual Property Rights

ALTI has long standing experience with trademark investigations and has help solve many cases with courts of law. Arab Lab for Technical Inspection has a professional team which works to detect minor and major changes done on the mark such as; colors, logos, images, letters, etc.

Training and Seminars

ALTI can provide seminars aimed at assisting the legal profession in understanding signature, document fraud and forensic science principles and techniques. We have also delivered talks and seminars to members of the Financial Institution, Insurance Companies, Police forces, members of the public.

We can tailor any talks/seminars to the client's needs and can also integrate selected talks/seminars within the client's own in-house program/s.

Seminars can be delivered at our premises in Dubai or at the client's venue of choice. 

Cyber Forensics

ALTI provides cyber protection or cyber crime investigation for government, businesses and private individuals. We engage our experts in threat management, information security and e-discovery to learn what the latest threats to your business are, how to effectively manage breaches and how to safeguard your organization from cybercriminals all over the world.

Arbitration We are one of the leading experts in the field of commercial dispute resolution. Our team is experienced in all areas of international and local dispute resolution —arbitration and mediation. Whatever the needs of a dispute, we have the expertise, support and personalities to work with our clients to achieve successful and commercial results.
We do not subscribe to any particular style of dispute resolution and identify that each dispute is dominate by a unique set of variables, conditions, problems and, most importantly, client objectives. Where appropriate we use tools other than litigation and arbitration, such as mediation and expert determination, to resolve disputes in ways that support our clients’ strategies and commercial objectives.

Arson Fire cases is among the most difficult ones to investigate due to the nature of damage left behind in the scene and destruction of evidence in many areas which makes it a challenging task for the fire investigator.
Arab Lab for Technical Inspection has relied on local and international fire investigators with long standing expertise in this field to meet the demand of our clients in the quest for extracting the right results and provide a professional report of the investigations.

The main steps the fire expert performs are:

•  Scan the fire scene to establish a general idea of what have happened
•  Study the path of flames
•  Examine all electrical and mechanical appliances and tools
•  Determine the fire starting point
•  Determine the cause of fire and consequently conclude whether it was accidental or deliberate.
•  Prepare a technical report with a conclusive result of the cause of fire and amended with forensic photograph of the    fire scene.

Documents Examination and Fraud
Questioned Document examinations carried out by a handwriting analyst generally involve the comparison of a handwriting specimen (provable) against questioned handwriting (handwriting forgery) in order to determine authorship. ALTI requires suitable specimens in order to carry out.

Expert Witness

ALTI have the services of a small number of carefully selected forensic scientists to assist our clients. All our forensic Experts:

• Are well established and have years of experience in their area of expertise
• Are committed to providing impartial and objective opinion regardless of the instructing party
• Have experience in giving evidence in court, Civil and/or Criminal

Forensic Services ALTI can offer a comprehensive service in a selected number of forensic specialties. In each of these areas we offer an all-encompassing service from crime scene and evidence collection to courtroom and expert witness testimony.

•  DNA Analysis
•  Fingerprint Analysis
•  Forensic Toxicology
•  Dental Identification
•  Crime Scene Evaluation
•  Paternity Testing
•  Study of police forensic lab reports and provide second opinion
•  Provide expert witness service before the court of law
•  Identification and classification of substances to help with drug cases
•  Explain all procedures involved in drug analysis
•  Provide technical reports on drug cases

Brand Protection Programs Our solutions help brand owners determine the impacts of counterfeiting and develop a program management strategy to address these impacts, and then customize the strategy to execute a comprehensive brand protection program. For every brand, and for every project, we tap into our expertise and the most relevant industry wisdom, connecting a comprehensive network of resources to provide powerful strategies that help you succeed. ALTI believes that the combination of internal intelligence group, management participation and the ALTI brand protection solutions helps the client better protect their brand, IP, quality and revenues on an on-going basis.